Stop Dreaming of Landscaping Your Yard and Start Doing!

Download this free guide and learn what it takes to turn your backyard into a fun, relaxing haven for the whole family.

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The 5 Steps to Building a Beautiful Backyard

Some do it to improve their home’s value. Others to stop soil erosion or local flooding. But we think landscaping is all about creating the perfect place to relax with your family and friends. And by following this simple process, you’ll get a backyard to be proud of and have a lot of fun creating it!

  • Planning and Mapping icon Step One - Plan Your Dream Yard
  • Gather Everything You Need icon Step Two - Gather Everything You Need
  • Prepare Your Blank Canvas icon Step Three - Prepare Your Blank Canvas
  • Craft Your Masterpiece icon Step Four - Craft Your Masterpiece
  • Enjoy Your New Work of Art icon Step Five - Enjoy Your New Work of Art!

What You’ll Discover About Landscaping

The Right Native Plants to Use

Australia has some incredible plants that are perfectly suited to our unique conditions. Whether you’re re-grassing, planting flowers or adding shrubbery, start with these native selections. Plus, three questions to ask before adding any new plants to your backyard.

Which Backyard Type Would You Like

From the traditional family backyard to the beauty of your green patch, these backyard types will inspire fresh ideas, give you handy hints about how to transform your yard and point out essentials to consider when you’re looking to landscape.

Build Your Own Landscaping Plan

Landscaping can be fun, but a lot of folks actually enjoy planning the most! This is where you dream how your backyard might look, and helps avoid budget blow-outs or last-minute changes. Follow this step-by-step process to ensure your backyard-to-be looks just the way you want.

Preparing Your Grand Designs

One of the big steps to ready your backyard for its transformation is removing anything in the way of your grand plans. It might be bulging or towering plants, timber from a treehouse the kids gave up years ago, sheet metal from a shed sitting awkwardly in a corner or an ancient concrete path that’s cracked beyond repair. A skip bin lets you get rid of everything super-easily, turning the yard into a blank canvas for your creations to come.