Some Handy Tips to Prepare Your House for Selling

Not being a real estate agency, Bookabin obviously can’t give you tips on how to sell your house, but we are very experienced in our field of skip bin hire, we can certainly help with some hints on how to prepare your house for selling. As most real estate agents will advise, so do the Bookabin crew; you need to clear out all that personal junk you have been hoarding (yes, hoarding) for years to have your house looking clean and shiny to attract buyers.

The first step you should take before you even start to throw out stuff is to book your skip bin well in advance, which means you then have plenty of time to consider what is going to go in the space provided, and then get cracking on this important part of your preparation.

Bookabin’s next piece of advice is, “don’t leave the collection date until the day before the auction”. This may look like an obvious exhortation, but you would be surprised at how many auctions, unfortunately, have to take place with that great big skip bin standing in the driveway – not a good look we would all agree.

Finally, despite all our best intentions, skip collections sometimes get missed or delayed. We have, over the years, experienced trucks breaking down, traffic congestion and now COVID-19 travel restrictions, and plain old human error.

Don’t forget that Bookabin is here for all your clean-up, home renovation or construction waste disposal needs. We will have a local skip company that can provide the service you need at the most competitive prices anywhere in Australia, so for more information on skip bin hire, skip bin hire NSW and skip bin sizes please go to our website.

Pre-Christmas Top 6 Clean-up Tips

Every year the lead-up to Xmas seems to go more quickly and we are left with very little time before our summer holidays begin. Pre-Christmas is the time when we like to have a clean-up around the house and section, as the days are longer and we have time to ensure our homes are looking their best for the Christmas holidays.

Here are our top 6 tips

1/. Recycle
41% of us make an extra effort at Christmas. Check your local authority website to see what can and can’t be recycled.

2/. Fridge Clean
Make room for your Christmas food shop and get rid of the chutney that has been lurking in the fridge since last Christmas!

3/. Give Your Carpets a Vacuum
And when you’re vacuuming down the side of the sofa remember to keep your fingers crossed that you will discover some money.

4/. Dust Surfaces
Here’s a cool tip. Put the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to get rid of most of the dust. Then follow with a microfibre cloth or duster.

5/. Mop the Floors
This is essential to get rid of stains and any stubborn marks that your vacuum won’t lift.

6/. Window Cleaning
What is the point of filling your windows with fairy lights if they can barely be seen through the dirty windows?

Bookabin has skip bins from as small as two cubic metres up to as large as 30 cubic metres. Our skip bin hire service is ideal for people who are moving house, cleaning up their homes or going through a renovation project.

For more information on rubbish skips, garden waste removal and hiring a skip please visit the website at

You Can Avoid This Bin Fee!

Poor or dangerous site access is one of the most common reasons why a skip supplier cancels the delivery of a skip and you get charged with a fee!

Here is what you should check before hiring any skip. First of all, make sure there are no overhead wires, trees, branches or structures such as house eaves that block the delivery of the skip. Drivers will usually refuse to place a skip if there is a chance or risk of injury or damage. Walk around the area the truck needs to use to deliver the skip bin and look at any potential problems.

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Driveways must be at least three meters wide for a truck to drive down to place a bin. Please check nothing is blocking your driveway and please ensure that no cars are blocking your driveway. Suppliers run to tight schedules because, as the old saying goes, “Time is Money”. The driver cannot afford to sit and wait while cars are moved. Quite often the skip supplier will go straight to their next booked job, taking your skip with them! If you follow these basic guidelines you will avoid unwanted hassles and charges.

For more information about skip bin hire, check our FAQ’s page.

Do you want to know Our Favourite Cost-Cutting Suggestion When You Hire a Skip Bin? Read here.

BookaBin provides customers with skips that suit specific waste requirements. From big to small waste removal requirements, BookaBin provides skip bins from as small as two cubic metres up to as large as 30 cubic metres.

Bathroom Renovation Rubbish Tips With Bookabin

While the end game of renovating is an improvement to one’s home a large portion of the work to be done is actually cleaning up and disposing of the rubbish that builds up while you are working! That’s why considering what type of rubbish you will have up-front is important so you’ll know what size skip bin you will need or if you are going to need more than one. Check our Skip Size Guide

The identification of your rubbish type is normally fairly straight forward. The rubbish might include packaging from a new vanity or furniture which you have purchased or existing tiles which you are going to remove from a bathroom. If you are unsure of your type of renovation rubbish and what can go into your skip bin, check our simple Waste Guide.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The rubbish type can affect the price of your skip hire so it is important to choose the right one for your requirement; if prohibited or hazardous rubbish is disposed of in the skip, additional disposal charges will apply. You should check before your skip supplier is booked. Take a look at our General Waste List.

There are lots of options in bathroom renovations; tap-ware, cabinets, baths and tiles but one thing that will be definitely required is a skip bin to remove the rubbish. This is where Bookabin comes in with our on-line booking of rubbish disposal services. Our easy-to-use website and state-of-the-art booking engine provide you value for money by offering the best available price for rubbish disposal bins.

Get Your Right Skip Bin When Renovating

Remodelling any part of your home is stressful and messy, and demolition and renovation waste dumped on your section will make it even more so – and hazardous to your family, too. Maintain your household’s sanity and safety with the right waste solution to suit the scale of your project and your available space. A clutter-free renovation will help free up your creativity – and keep your house feeling like home as much as possible, so your first step is to hire a skip bin from Bookabin.

With even small projects producing a surprisingly large amount of rubbish, spending your time transporting waste to the landfill is simply not an efficient way of doing things, so hiring a skip bin from Bookabin will help you save significant amounts of time and drastically streamline the waste disposal process.

Making lists is key when it comes to project management, as it’s the only way to properly organise your thoughts and prevent any details from being forgotten, so start with a list of ‘to do’s’ and try to stick to it. So, what is the first step to remodelling or renovating any room in the house? Order a skip bin!

Check out our Skip Bin Size Guide

Photo by Cal David from Pexels

Skip Bins are important for effective waste management because they allow anyone to organise the bulk collection of a range of waste materials for disposal and recycling.  Bulk collections are important as they provide a far more efficient way of disposing of waste than the normal regular lift services that are generally available to households and small and medium-sized businesses, so to find out more about skip hire, rubbish bin hire and waste bins please go to

When Buying or Renovating a House Include a Skip from Bookabin

So, you’ve finally decided to buy your first home, or you are renovating for the first time. This can be a scary and daunting time for many ‘first-timers’, and all useful advice is welcome. For most people, the money will be tight, so it is important to have a workable budget to allow for all the ‘extras’ that may ensue during the process. This will inevitably include the need for a skip bin, and Bookabin has a huge range of sizes and types of skips.

When you are first looking at buying a property you need to check transport connections, schools and local facilities like doctors, shopping, libraries and home services, in particular DIY resources and where to find them – online, Facebook DIY sites and local hardware DIY courses. Get your research sorted before doing DIY projects, and set your budget, checking you have the right tools and materials. Can you hire the tools?

It is essential when renovating that you pick a DIY project that brings substantial value to your property, also deciding which one will bring the most value to you and your family. To keep your property safe and secure during DIY renovation projects, it is vital to hire a skip bin from a reputable skip bin hire company, such as Bookabin.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Bookabin’s state-of-the-art skip hire website will search our large network of skip suppliers’ current stock and prices, and instantly present you with the best price available for a skip bin meeting your specific skip hire requirements. Bookabin is a global specialist in the on-line booking of refuse disposal services, and their easy-to-use website offers consumers value for money by offering the lowest available price for refuse disposal services. Our aim is to provide consumers with a high standard of service and excellent value, so for more information on rubbish skips, rubbish bin hire and skip bin please go to

Bookabin vs Time Spent Searching Websites for Prices

If you’re looking for a skip bin hire in any major area in Australia, all you need to do is go to Bookabin’s website at and we will come up with a quote online for your skip. Compare that to spending hours surfing through websites to come up with the best-priced bin.

Through BookaBin, you can easily get a quote online for your skip bin requirements, rent a skip from the best suppliers, and pay online. BookaBin is an easy-to-use website and booking engine that provides you with the fastest and easiest platform to compare skip bin prices from reliable suppliers. This enables customers to get the lowest available price for disposal services.

More and more people are finding that the Bookabin hire service saves both time and money by having a database of skip bin supplier rates so that we can present the best available price for a skip bin hire service anywhere in Australia, to meet your specific requirements.

Our online booking engine offers you value for money by providing the lowest available price for refuse disposal services, and our aim is to provide consumers with a high standard of service and excellent value. We will do the price comparison and booking all in one go, so you don’t have to spend time searching around several websites for prices. With Bookabin you will get your price and hire your skip in minutes!

It’s Not a Good Idea to Overload Your Skip Bin!

Whether you are using a skip bin for moving house, home renovations, or a commercial project, you might be tempted to overfill it. It seems like a good idea, as the assumption is that you will save money, it’s easier than getting another one, and there’s no harm in it. However, overloading a skip bin is actually dangerous, illegal, and costly.

It is dangerous to overload your skip bin, as it puts you, your neighbours, and even your family at risk. There could be sharp, broken items sticking out the top and this could easily hurt passers-by, or those handling the skip bin. Also, if it is overflowing, then items can fall out and land on someone or roll into the street. When an overfilled skip bin is in transit, it is especially hazardous, as debris can fly out and land on the road or hit another vehicle.

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Overweight, overfilled and overcharge!

It may seem like you are saving money by overfilling your skip bin, but in fact, it will mean more costs in the long run. If your skip bin is overloaded, then the truck driver who is meant to pick it up could refuse to take it. This is because the skip may exceed weight restrictions and could damage the truck and put the driver at risk. In this situation, you will have to pay extra costs to have the waste removed.

The main thing you need to know when loading your skip bin is that you can’t fill it higher than the sides of the bin. On most skip bins there is a red ‘fill line’ which shows the limit of where your waste can be filled to, and you should stick to this. It is usually obvious if you have overfilled it, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will get away with it – just remove any excess and keep to the limit.

Plan Your Green Waste Disposal With Bookabin

With all this burgeoning spring growth happening across Australia, this is a good time to start planning your yearly or six-monthly major tidy up for your property. This means you need a skip bin for all that garden and green waste and you need to select the right type of waste disposal service for your garden maintenance project.

Green waste is composed of waste products that are biodegradable, which means they can easily break down and become part of the earth again. This is typically made from garden waste, such as grass clippings and weeds. It is
‘green’ because it is high in nitrogen, as opposed to brown waste, which is predominately carbonaceous.

Garden Waste for Green Bins

Check our Green Waste Guide right here.

So, let’s get out into the garden and start working on your backyard landscaping ideas, with the help of Bookabin’s skip bins. Bookabin offers green waste removal all around Australia. Landscaping can improve your home’s value or stop soil erosion or local flooding. We think landscaping is all about creating the perfect place to relax with your family and friends.

Download our very popular free eBook ‘Backyard Landscaping Guide’.

Clean-ups are Effective in Removing Litter

Have you ever noticed the litter that is piling up in your local river or stream? It takes away from the beauty and safety of the waterway, and you can do something about it. By leading a waterway cleanup effort with others in your community, you can help make your river or stream a safer, healthier place for wildlife and people.

In organising a river cleanup project you need to reach out to all your local communities to help you arrange it, and you also need to arrange for trash and recycling removal, starting with your local waste management company. Bookabin is ready and waiting to help, particularly when it is a volunteer community service effort, and can help with advice on the proper disposal of special/hazardous materials.

Getting involved in a clean-up is easy and can be fun and rewarding for you and your friends and family, and if everyone looks after their local area, it will have a significant effect on the Australian environment as a whole.

Check if your area is serviced with skip bins by using this online tool.

 By doing regular cleanups you will play an active role in keeping your nominated area tidy in a more sustainable way. While one-off clean-ups are effective in removing litter, regular clean-ups that keep an area litter-free are proven to act as a deterrent to litter.

You also need to make sure your community event lines up with the dates your local skip company is open, which in the case of Bookabin, is seven days a week! Check our Skip Bin Size Guide here.

Bookabin recommends letting the professionals take the rubbish to the local tip for disposal. Here are our reasons why.

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