4 Top Reasons Why Skip Bins Get Overfilled

You’ve probably caught sight of skip bins that have been overloaded and had a laugh at the spectacle. Bookabin has got the low down on the 4 reasons for overloaded bins.

1/. Underestimating the skip bin size required. Here’s our tip. Before you type skip bin hire near me, make a visual survey of the amount of rubbish you intend to get rid of.

Two overloaded skip bins full of household rubbish.
Overloaded skip bins are a common problem

2/. Some people simply aren’t aware that a skip mustn’t be overloaded. It’s true! They’ll cram as much in as possible and use creative techniques to make the skip higher such as using doors, fence panels or even mattresses to increase the height of the skip bin walls.

What is Mixed Heavy Waste?
What is Clean / Hard Fill?

Wrecked caravan placed on top of a red skip bin
Definitely not a good idea

3/. Lack of awareness as to the skip bin’s weight capacity. Every skip bin has to be lifted onto a truck when it’s full, and a skip bin that’s too heavy can damage the truck. There is also a possibility the extra weight will make the truck illegal to be on the road.

An orange skip bin that has been overfilled with cardboard, plastic and household rubbish
There’s two skip’s worth of rubbish here!

4/. Finally, trying to save money by booking a smaller skip bin than you need. That’s a false economy and will ultimately end up costing you in the long run. Skip bin companies don’t take overloaded skip bins and you’ll still have to book another one, so for more information on skip bin hire Perth, skip bin hire Brisbane and skip bins Newcastle please go to

Advice on Preparing For Your Skip Delivery

Having been in the business of skip delivery for over 20 years now, BookaBin has had plenty of experience with delivering and picking up skip bins, and are happy to pass on some advice on how to prepare for your skip delivery, starting with making sure there are no obstructions in the way. You also need to ensure there are no overhead wires, branches or structures such as house eaves that could block the delivery of the skip.

Broken bricks inside an old skip bin

Secondly, driveways must be at least three meters wide for a truck to drive down to place a bin. You need to check nothing is blocking your driveway and ensure that no cars are blocking your driveway. If you require your skip bin to be placed on concrete there is a chance that it may leave a stain behind or scrape your concrete. The best practice is to cover the concrete with a tarp or piece of plywood measuring at least 4.2m long x 1.8m wide (for a 9m skip).

Bookabin has a great guide that’s full of useful tips and tricks when it comes to hiring a cheap skip bin. Download it HERE

How to Avoid Overloading a Skip Bin

Do I Need a Permit For My Skip Bin?

Can I Put Garden Waste into My Skip?

What is Clean / Hard Fill?

Clean hard fill is comprised of items such as concrete, bricks and stones. The “clean” in clean hard fill means that the waste is not contaminated by any other form of waste. These skip bins are typically used for worksites and construction companies, as well as DIY’ers.

Photo by Andre Moura from Pexels

What type of rubbish can go into a ‘Clean Hard Fill’ skip bin.
The following is a basic list of what can and can’t be put into a clean hard fill removal bin. This list is not exhaustive but does cover the most common items people consider as waste.

  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Rock
  • Ceramic tiles


What is Mixed Heavy Waste?

Mixed heavy waste for rubbish removal refers to products that are no longer of use and made up of various waste streams. It does not comprise liquids or hazardous waste. When you want to rent a skip, other exclusions may include food waste and soil, among other things.

Heavy Waste Clean Up

Photo by FRANK MERIÑO from Pexels

What rubbish goes into mixed heavy waste skip bins?
Below is a basic list of what can be placed into a mixed heavy waste skip hire. This list is not entirely complete however it does cover the most common items considered for mixed heavy waste bin hire.

  • Household waste
  • Builders waste
  • Furniture & Appliances
  • Timber
  • Bricks, tiles, concrete
  • Green waste
  • Metal/Steel

It is important to note that some waste may incur extra costs.


Why are Skip Bins called skip bins?

The word skip derives from the word Skep’ which evolved from the Late Old English sceppe, and the Old Norse word skeppa meaning ‘basket’.”
The ‘skep’, or basket would have been formed from wicker, straw or hollow logs and evolved into a horse and carriage/cart sometime in the 18th Century. By the 19th Century, it developed further within the mining industry and the first recorded use of a skip to collect rubbish was made in 1922 and now has become the skip bin that we recognise today.

Expert advice for your skip bin hire right here:
What Kind of Skip Bin is Right for You?
How To Stop Neighbours Using Your Skip Bin
Download our Free Guide that Makes Skip Bin Hire Easy!

Vintage skip bin truck

That’s the skip bin sorted however the method of mounting them on the back of a truck can be traced back to the 1930s when an American named George Dempster invented a piece of equipment that could be mounted on a truck and used to lift and transport containers.

Around 1940, the Brooks brothers in Knoxville, USA invented a system that consisted of two hydraulic arms that could lift the skip onto the back of a vehicle. Modern skip trucks use a similar mechanical system. So as you can read it’s been an evolution of the waste container and the system to lift them that has bought us to where we are today.

4 Common-Sense Reasons for a Garage Clean-out

Are you one of those people who treat your garage as a place for storing tools, toys, sporting gear, landscaping equipment and perhaps an extra fridge or two? You are not alone!

We often lose sight of our garage’s main purpose: to store and protect some of our most valuable possessions – our vehicles. For instance, bird droppings are highly acidic, and that, combined with what alternating sun and cold can do to an exposed car, is a recipe for potentially expensive paint damage. Parking in a garage will also limit your car’s exposure to UV rays, which can be particularly harmful to a vehicle’s interior.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Here’s a simple waste guide for your Bookabin skip bin hire. 

Beyond protecting your vehicle from accidental damage, putting your vehicle out of sight helps decrease opportunities for the intentional kind of damage as well. After all, a locked garage puts another layer of security between your vehicle and potential thieves, and it decreases the chance of vandalism in the same way.

Doing your own minor car repairs can be both economical and great for your ego, and a cleaned-up garage can provide a clean, relatively weather-free place for your efforts. You’ll also have access to electrical outlets for handy resources such as tools, lights, heaters and fans. A garage keeps you covered from the elements, so you can tinker to your heart’s content.

Frequently Asked Questions page has most of your questions answered.

Finally, you should clean your garage not just to keep your car in, but also to keep pests out. Messy garages make attractive homes for rats, mice, spiders and other unwelcome critters, many of which are eager to follow you right into your home. A clean garage will also help prevent pets and other animals from taking shelter in a warm engine compartment or other areas of a vehicle, then getting injured—or worse—when the vehicle is started.

More Tips:
How to Avoid Overloading a Skip Bin

Our Favourite Cost-Cutting Suggestion When You Hire a Skip Bin

How to Get Rid of Your Old Sofa

So you have purchased a new sofa and now have to get rid of the old one; Bookabin explains how to take apart a sofa so you can take it down in pieces.

Firstly, you will need the right tools for the job before you can begin to take the sofa apart.

  • A claw hammer for removing nails
  • A set of Allen keys
  • Both Phillips and Standard head screwdrivers
  • A set of pliers for removing staples
  • A handsaw
  • A box cutter knife
A woman and a man sitting on an old sofa while they look at a laptop computer
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Step One. Remove any Pillows and Cushions
Make sure to throw them in the skip if you are not planning to keep any pillows.

Step Two. Remove Upholstery
This step is where your box cutter knife comes in. You will need to cut away the fabric to expose the frame beneath it. It may be as simple as pulling staples, but in most cases, some cutting is required. If you are going to reuse the fabric, make sure to cut in neat, straight lines; if you are throwing it in your rental skip bin, then you don’t need to worry about neatness. Now you can see the exposed frame and take it apart, but not just yet.

Step Three. Remove the Legs
This step is simple enough. Sometimes you can unscrew sofa legs by hand, in other cases it will require a screwdriver or Allen keys. If the legs are fused, use a saw to cut them off.

Step Four. Take the Frame Apart
Now you can use your screwdrivers or Allen keys to disassemble the sofa frame. In some cases, you may have to pull nails as well. Once you have it apart, you can cut wooden pieces into a smaller, more manageable size, so it is easier to carry and throw into your skip bin.

Bookabin will do the rest! Simply follow the instructions to hire a skip in your area.

5 Awesome Reasons to Start Your Backyard Makeover

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home
    Did you know that digging in and putting a little effort into your backyard (depending on initial price and value of landscaping) can boost your property’s value by 5-20%?
  2. Attract Potential Buyers
    A well-kept garden can play a huge factor in attracting prospective buyers. Real estate agent David Eastway has found that “landscaping has an emotional feel for a buyer. A nice manicured garden can make a great impression.”
  3. Prevent Soil Erosion
    An unkempt garden can lead to a loss of soil in waterways. The most natural way to control erosion is to plant vegetation. A landscape with plants can build root systems that sustain the soil to prevent erosion.
  4. Prevent Local Flooding
    Water runoff caused by rain can cause local flooding, this can be stabilized by a plant buffer zone. Green buffer zones are comprised of different plant species such as trees, grasses and wildflowers that glamorize your landscape area throughout the seasons.
  5. Create a Beautiful and Healthy Environment
    Enjoy the time you spend working on your backyard oasis. Gardening activities are known to reduce depression and stress whilst increasing concentration and productivity. Your beautifully landscaped garden can be a sanctuary for relaxing and de-stressing as well as getting together with family and friends.
Download this excellent FREE Guide

Getting the correct skip bin for your garden or soil waste is important. Check out our easy-to-follow Waste Types Guide.

Read more Garden and Landscaping Tips on our blog page:

Some Handy Tips to Prepare Your House for Selling

Not being a real estate agency, Bookabin obviously can’t give you tips on how to sell your house, but we are very experienced in our field of skip bin hire, we can certainly help with some hints on how to prepare your house for selling. As most real estate agents will advise, so do the Bookabin crew; you need to clear out all that personal junk you have been hoarding (yes, hoarding) for years to have your house looking clean and shiny to attract buyers.

The first step you should take before you even start to throw out stuff is to book your skip bin well in advance, which means you then have plenty of time to consider what is going to go in the space provided, and then get cracking on this important part of your preparation.

Bookabin’s next piece of advice is, “don’t leave the collection date until the day before the auction”. This may look like an obvious exhortation, but you would be surprised at how many auctions, unfortunately, have to take place with that great big skip bin standing in the driveway – not a good look we would all agree.

Finally, despite all our best intentions, skip collections sometimes get missed or delayed. We have, over the years, experienced trucks breaking down, traffic congestion and now COVID-19 travel restrictions, and plain old human error.

Don’t forget that Bookabin is here for all your clean-up, home renovation or construction waste disposal needs. We will have a local skip company that can provide the service you need at the most competitive prices anywhere in Australia, so for more information on skip bin hire, skip bin hire NSW and skip bin sizes please go to our website.

Pre-Christmas Top 6 Clean-up Tips

Every year the lead-up to Xmas seems to go more quickly and we are left with very little time before our summer holidays begin. Pre-Christmas is the time when we like to have a clean-up around the house and section, as the days are longer and we have time to ensure our homes are looking their best for the Christmas holidays.

Here are our top 6 tips

1/. Recycle
41% of us make an extra effort at Christmas. Check your local authority website to see what can and can’t be recycled.

2/. Fridge Clean
Make room for your Christmas food shop and get rid of the chutney that has been lurking in the fridge since last Christmas!

3/. Give Your Carpets a Vacuum
And when you’re vacuuming down the side of the sofa remember to keep your fingers crossed that you will discover some money.

4/. Dust Surfaces
Here’s a cool tip. Put the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to get rid of most of the dust. Then follow with a microfibre cloth or duster.

5/. Mop the Floors
This is essential to get rid of stains and any stubborn marks that your vacuum won’t lift.

6/. Window Cleaning
What is the point of filling your windows with fairy lights if they can barely be seen through the dirty windows?

Bookabin has skip bins from as small as two cubic metres up to as large as 30 cubic metres. Our skip bin hire service is ideal for people who are moving house, cleaning up their homes or going through a renovation project.

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