Not All Rubbish Is Created Equal!

If you’re planning a construction, demolition or home renovation project then you probably need the services of Bookabin.

Construction and demolition wastes are among the heaviest and largest waste materials. It can include plasterboard, bricks, concrete, landscape, roofing, wood and timber. A skip bin for Mixed Heavy Waste is the correct waste selection, however, if you want to check use this waste guide.

Take into account the duration of your project, as debris and hazardous items like nails, cut out roofing sheets and bricks shouldn’t lay around your property. Try and keep your property tidy and most importantly keep it safe.

Some projects could take months or years to be completed, and, you can’t be going to the landfill all the time. The only thing that is far more valuable than money is time; therefore, do not make the mistake of undervaluing your time and make things more efficient in your project site.

The hassle factor of taking the waste from your project site should be considered. If you hire a skip bin, no back-breaking work for you and you can extend the duration of the skip bin in your property.

Bookabin has been serving Australia since 2001 and we some great tips and advice to take the hassle out of your next skip bin hire:
Skip Bin Placement
Maximising the Capacity of Your Skip
Stop Neighbours Dumping Rubbish in Your Skip Bin

How to avoid a nasty fee!

Poor or dangerous site access is one of the most common reasons why a skip supplier cancels the delivery of a skip and you get charged with a fee. Here’s what you should check before hiring any skip.

Make sure there are no overhead wires, trees, branches or structures like house eaves that block the delivery of the skip. Drivers will usually refuse to place a skip if there is a chance or risk of injury or damage. Walk around the area the truck needs to use to deliver the skip bin and look at any potential problems.

Check your site access

Driveways must be at least 3 meters wide for a truck to drive done to place a bin. Please check nothing is blocking your driveway and please ensure that no cars are blocking your driveway. Suppliers run to tight schedules because as the old saying goes ‘Time is Money’. The driver cannot afford to sit and wait while cars are moved. Quite often the skip supplier will go straight to their next booked job, taking your skip with them!

Follow these basic guidelines to avoid hassles and unwanted charges.

For more information about skip bin hire, check our FAQ’s page.

Do you want to know Our Favourite Cost-Cutting Suggestion When You Hire a Skip Bin? Read here.

A Community Clean-up can Bring Aussies Together

We believe community clean-ups are a great way to bring Aussies together, particularly during these unsettling times. A good idea is to organise your community to spruce up your local school, college, community hall or sports club with a good clean-up, and Bookabin is there to help take away all the rubbish you collect. We’ve got some useful suggestions for event organisers, starting with recruiting volunteers early!

You also need to make sure your community event lines up with the dates your local skip company is open, which in the case of Bookabin, is seven days a week! Check our Skip Bin Size Guide here.

It’s a good idea to tell neighbours, friends, community members, local businesses, and other organisations about your event by creating a flyer highlighting the details of the clean-up and distributing it. You can also promote the event on social media, and ask neighbourhood organisations to promote the event in their newsletters. Supermarket notice boards are also a great way to promote your event.

When you are ready, use our skip hire website and it will search our large network of skip suppliers’ current stock and prices, and instantly present you with the best price available for a skip bin meeting your specific skip hire requirements. If you live in the Melbourne area you want to know more about Melbourne skip bin hire go here.

Community cleanups bring out the best in people.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Sometimes the identification of your waste type is normally fairly straight forward, however, we have provided a simple guide as to what you can and can’t place in your Bookabin skip hire. The waste type affects the skip bin hire costs so it is important to choose the right bin hire for your requirement; if any prohibited waste is disposed of in the rubbish bin skip, additional waste disposal charges will apply and that can be an expensive hassle for you.

A General Waste bin, suitable for light domestic and commercial waste, can take light domestic waste, light construction waste, office waste and green garden waste.

What cannot go into a General Waste bin is hazardous waste. This includes TV’s, monitors, fridges, paints, solvents, liquids or any asbestos. To dispose of any of these materials you need to contact your local council. They will be able to provide you with a contact who can dispose of anything hazardous or not accepted in your skip bin.

There’s been some crazy hazardous rubbish left in skip bins over the years, like machine guns and top-secret Nazi documents! Check out more strange things found in skip bins right here.

Post COVID-19 Moving Made Easy With BookaBin

As we all come out of the enforced COVID-19 lockdown, many of us were prevented from moving home, as we had originally planned, so now we can ‘get moving with our move’. Here are some tips from BookaBin to help make moving an easier task.

Moving home can be a bit overwhelming, but making a list and making all necessary preparations can help you accomplish the move more easily. Making a detailed plan with detailed steps will help you stay focused.

Check that you have a budget and know how much you will spend. Nobody wants unnecessary pressure on their finances.

From experience, we highly recommend setting a timeline for each of your steps. This may include de-cluttering, packing, and cleaning.

  • Make sure you give yourself more time than you need
  • Start decluttering as early as possible, and you may want to dedicate a few hours a day to declutter your current home until you get rid of everything you don’t need
  • Decluttering from room to room will save you time, and ensure you don’t miss out on a thing
  • Make sure you get rid of or donate your unwanted and unused items

Our blog has some amazing tips and guidance to help your skip hire a hassle-free experience. Check them out:

Fortunately, most household items are accepted inside a BookaBin skip, and Bookabin Australia can help you schedule a flexible clutter removal that will speed things up and make for a smooth home movement. Check our Waste Type Guide.

BookaBin offers waste removal around Australia, and our skip hire is available for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and all the other capital cities of Australia and the surrounding regions. Check our areas here.

Great Reasons to Hire Your Skip Bin From Bookabin Australia

The disposal of home renovation, repairs or clean-up rubbish is always a concern. Fortunately, disposing of your waste has never been easier. Hiring a skip bin for your home projects, such as renovations and spring cleaning projects, is a practical and efficient way to finish your projects and dispose of any waste. We try to make waste collection and disposal easy and stress-free.

However, with so many skip hire companies in the market, it can be quite tricky to choose which service to hire.

Bookabin is the specialist in online booking of rubbish disposal services, and our easy-to-use website helps consumers with value for money by offering low prices for rubbish disposal services..

Bookabin tries to make it simple. All you need to do is enter your skip hire requirements, and our website will search all of the local skip bin hire suppliers in our database then you get the best skip hire price we can offer.

We also love sharing tips on how to save money on renovations. Check out these 6 Tips for Saving Money on Home Renovations.

Convenience is one of the great benefits. In most cases, you can schedule the arrival and removal of your rubbish whenever you need to and either commercial and domestic rubbish collections can be ordered.

Bookabin’s Services Save You Time & Money

Most areas of Australia are experiencing some of the colder days this year, and, unless the sun is shining, cleaning up around the property does not present a very attractive proposition. Nobody wants to be worrying about finding a skip bin during these winter months, but Bookabin makes this a very simple exercise.

The Bookabin skip hire service can save you both time and money by having a database of skip bin supplier rates so that we can present the best available price for a skip bin hire service anywhere in Australia, to meet your specific requirements. We have a fantastic eBook you can download that’s full of money and time-saving tips. Simply use this link for the Guide to Skip Bin Hire.

Bookabin has something for everyone, whether it’s moving house, a garden clean-up, a renovation project or a construction site. No matter how big or small your waste removal requirements, they have skips to suit your needs.

Bookabin has real people with friendly customer service staff ready to assist with any questions such as what waste types can be put into a skip bin. If you prefer to do the reading yourself, check out our online Waste Type Guide.

Moving house? Get your skip organised today.

Avoid the hassle of transfer stations and dumps!

The COVID-19 situation is a new time for everyone and all over the country as we seem to have got involved in what every good Aussie is good at, small DIY jobs, renovations, shed clean-outs and gardening jobs.

With holidays being pretty much wiped out this year, it doesn’t look as though that winter trip to Bali is on any time soon, so our holiday savings are more likely to be diverted to being spent on home improvements.

With even small projects producing a surprisingly large amount of rubbish, spending your time transporting waste to the landfill is simply not an efficient way of doing things, so hiring a skip bin from Bookabin will help you save significant amounts of time and drastically streamline the waste disposal process.

Before you book your skip, use our clever size guide to get the most effective size skip bin for your rubbish.

Skip your trips to the dump or transfer station

Skip Bin Hire during the Coronavirus Emergency

During this coronavirus emergency, it’s important to know that skip bin hire is a low-risk public transaction. Skip drivers don’t need to touch anybody and also that the 1.5M social distancing can be adhered to, so waste can be collected during these exceptional times.

Most importantly, please follow all Government guidelines.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Please contact Bookabin  – check out our details page.

Black and red truck with a skip bin on the back. Truck is in a field with a face mask.
Skip truck delivery skip bin

Our Favourite Cost-Cutting Suggestion When You Hire a Skip Bin

Whether you’re moving houses, in need of a garden clean up, or starting a renovation project, Bookabin caters to all types of disposal services from domestic to commercial waste including clean fill or hard fill, home renovation waste disposal or construction waste removal, and our team have some great ideas on how to cost cut when hiring a bin.

When you need to hire a skip bin, why not talk to your neighbours to see if they would like to share the cost of a skip amongst you?

This would save money for everyone concerned, and you can hire a larger skip bin, which also means a lower cost when shared. This is a good idea when there is an increase in higher density living and is also a great way to get to know your neighbours a bit better!

What’s more, is that a general waste skip bin can also contain garden waste. So you can put garden waste into a general waste skip bin, but you still need to allow a budget for a skip bin, and even sharing with just one neighbour can make a difference to your financial resources.

From big to small waste removal requirements, Bookabin provides skip bins from as small as 2 cubic metres up to as large as 30 cubic metres.

Green skip on an orange background. Thumbs up symbol and dollar symbol.
Here’s our favourite cost-saving tip for skip bin hire!

We have Australia covered!

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and just about everywhere in between.

We have something for everyone!

Moving house? Garden Clean Up? Renovation Project? Construction Site? Whether for domestic or commercial waste removal we have skip bins to suit your requirements.

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We can assure you that all online bookings and payments are completed over secure sites.

When size matters!

No matter how BIG or how small your waste removal requirements are we have skips to suit your needs. With skip bins from as small as 2 cubic metres up to as large as 30 cubic metres.

We are real people!

We have friendly customer service staff ready to assist you with any questions you may have; contact us via on-line chat.

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We have waste specific bins for all your rubbish removal needs. Including General Waste, Cleanfill/Hardfill, Green Garden Waste and Soil/Dirt.