Month: July 2021

‘Can I Put Garden Waste into My General Waste Skip?’

People might not realise it, but a general waste skip bin can also contain garden waste.

So, a General Waste bin, suitable for light domestic and commercial waste, can take light domestic waste, light construction waste, office waste and green garden waste. The price for Green Garden Waste is based STRICTLY on green garden waste only, such as grass, leaves, tree trimmings, small branches, weeds, bark etc.

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South Australia Skip Bins

Important Update for Our South Australian Customers.

The state government will not allow skip bin deliveries to residential customers during this COVID lockdown. Only trade and commercial customers can receive skip bin deliveries. We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to serving our residential customers once the situation changes.

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Reduce Building Waste & Save Money

Are you a builder, designer, estimator, project manager or building sub-contractor? These simple suggestions explain cost-effective and practical ways to minimise your construction waste.

1/. Pick a waste champion
Assign a senior staff member with an interest in waste minimisation to take responsibility for the project waste management plan.
2/. Set realistic waste reduction targets
Let your team develop some ideas and set ‘easy to understand’ waste targets.

Two builders add a new window into a house.
Adding a new window into a house

3/. Reward your team
Have incentives for your team if your waste reduction targets are met, such as morning tea shouts.
4/. Keep your team informed
Make waste information and progress towards waste reduction targets readily available and part of your waste management plan.
5/. Design considerations
Encourage designers and customers to use standard product dimensions and prefabricated products wherever possible to reduce onsite handling, reworking and offcuts.

Here are more great tips and advice for you:

6/. Material estimates
Provide detailed plans and instructions so estimators and contractors can provide accurate material take-offs. If you notice an excess of waste materials for a particular product, reduce the wastage allowance for material estimates.
7/. Incentivise subcontractors
Add contractual terms to incentivise subcontractors to minimise waste. Make them responsible for the disposal of any debris or preferential consideration if they follow your waste management plan.
8/. Try to prevent rubbish dumped into your skip
This can represent up to 30% of waste removed from building sites. Avoid skips onsite until absolutely necessary and keep them away from public view or access. Use a recycling site sign which prominently displays ‘This Builder Recycles. NO UNAUTHORISED DUMPING’.

Home Renovation Waste

Did you know that between 2016 and 2017, more than 6.7 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste went into landfills across Australia? Any renovation project, regardless of size, has the potential to save money and save waste going to landfill. Valuable or useful excess materials such as leftover paint, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings can be neatly stored for the homeowner’s future use. Alternatively, try selling excess re-usable product.

Two male builders looking at building plans inside a partially renovated room

Most residential construction waste is recyclable:

  • untreated timber
  • plasterboard
  • cardboard
  • metal
  • some plastics
  • some carpets

Several waste materials can be readily re-used: more considerable lengths of timber, large pieces of flooring, cladding, building wrap, polythene, slightly damaged finished products such as mouldings, cabinets and doors and leftover paints. Individually these materials don’t fill skips. But collectively, they can send your total waste from one or two skips per job to two or three.

Home renovations are rewarding and we have some money-saving tips for further reading:

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