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Skip Bin Permits – Where Can I Place My Skip?

If your worksite is running out of space, you may have considered placing your skip bin on the street. While this might seem ideal, a skip bin permit may be required depending on the type of project, the location, and other determining factors. It is advisable to consult a reputable and reliable skip bin company to determine if your area permits placing a skip bin rental on the street. Failure to comply with set rules and regulations regarding skip bins can result in hefty fines, leaving a significant dent in your finances.

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Skip Bin Permit

Luckily, many cities across the country have permitted placing skip bins on the streets, but one is required to fill out some paperwork first. Once you are through with the documentation, you’ll be given a right of way permit, also known as a skip bin permit. Bookabin is a reputable skip bin company with years of experience and industry knowledge, making us a reliable source of information to consult before you hire a skip.

With technology improving service delivery across the board, acquiring a permit online or via phone is easy. Suppose you are planning a trip to the permit office. In that case, you need to have information about the skip bin rental company, the address and exact spot where the skip bin will be located, and a rental duration period.

Standard Permit Rules, Regulations, and Limitations

Although a skip bin permit is an essential part of acquiring a skip bin in Australia, there are other rules that one is required to follow. Typical rules include the placement of signs, reflectors, and traffic cones in the front and back of the roll-off unit. Most people who fail to comply with all the rules find themselves facing costly penalties, and that’s why it is advisable to hire a professional service provider.

Like other permits, a skip bin permit is prone to expiry. You should remove the skip bin rental from the location upon expiry. Big cities usually require residents to get consent from the right organisations, where you’ll be required to provide a sketch of the site or layout of the property. It is also mandatory to have the permit on-site, and if you are a contractor, it is vital to have a document that proves your liability insurance proof.

Where to Place Your Skip Bin

Another vital factor to consider is where you should place the skip bin rental. Ensure you are not positioning the skip bin in front of a no-loading space, bus stop, valet areas, fire hydrant, and restricted areas. If you are running a big project and lack sufficient space, the professional team at Bookabin can assess your property and recommend suitable spots to place your skip bin rental.

Consult a Skip Bin Company

Bookabin is a leading service provider with a dedicated team of experts that provide top-notch services guaranteed to meet your needs. Whether you are conducting a massive construction project or a small home decluttering project, we can help you find the ideal skip bin rental. Contact us today and talk to our team. We guarantee quality skip bin services at a pocket-friendly rate.

Do I Require a Council Permit for My Skip Bin?

All skip bins and other temporary obstructions should be placed on your property. Suppose the skip is placed outside your property boundary on public property, such as footpaths, nature strips, and roads. In these situations, you will require a permit, which can get tricky as each council permit for a skip bin can require different standards to be met.

The requirements from your local council are essential to understand because failure to comply with the rules and regulations regarding skip bin hire can result in fines, leaving a significant dent in your finances. Before you decide to apply for a skip bin permit, we suggest you refer to our checklist. The list does not cover all city and state laws or requirements. However, it is a reference for good skip bin placement practice. Your local authority will have their needs available.


Basic Rules for Good Skip Bin Placement

  • Make sure your skip bin does not obstruct the passage of any pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicle and must not obscure motorists’ view.
  • Do not place your skip bin where standing or parking is prohibited.
  • Reflective marking placed on each top corner and opposite ends of the skip bin.
  • Some states require flashing yellow lights fitted and operating on the corners of the skip bin on a main arterial road, where the road has reduced visibility, in low-lit or unlit areas and on narrow streets.
  • The skip bin must identify the name and contact details of the skip bin company.
  • Waste material placed in the skip bin must not rot or cause offensive odours.
  • The skip bin must not cause damage to infrastructure or community assets.

Permit Requirements for Different Councils

Council permits for a skip bin do vary from council to council. Here we have created a basic outline of the permit requirements for various locations across Australia. Be sure to check out what is required of you, depending on your location.


In most council areas, the skip bin hire permit must be attained from your skip bin operator. A customer may obtain the bin hire permit in the city centre.


It’s a mixed bag of different regulations. In some Sydney suburbs, skip bin suppliers purchase an annual permit. That means the end client doesn’t require one. Not all Sydney councils have the same convenient service and need that the end client applies for the permit themselves.


When hiring skip bins in Adelaide, the customer themselves must obtain a skip bin permit, not the skip bin service.


A skip can be placed on the nature strip or footpath without a skip bin permit. However, you must ensure pedestrians can pass safely without walking onto the road. Skip bins cannot be placed on the road.


Inner suburbs require a permit for skip bin hire and must be applied for by the customer.


Skip bin permits are required for Newcastle City Council areas and are obtained by the skip bin supplier.

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