Month: January 2020

6 Top Ways You Can Upgrade Your Home Interior

The way you design your home is one of the biggest contributors to your mood. Coming home to an interior that is inviting is ultimately good for our general health & well-being!

Here are a few ways you can upgrade your home design to positively affect your mood.

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1) Choose New Paint Colours
Different colours have varying effects on us such as; the power to energise, calm & inspire creativity among others. So, choosing the right colour is very important in setting the tone/purpose of a room. For example, blues evoke contemplative & moods, whereas pinks have a calming/comforting effect.

2) Incorporate Greenery
Plants not only improve the air quality in your home but will also improve relaxation, inspiration & focus. Succulents are a great choice for an interior Available in a vast array of colours & textures, succulents are very adaptive & can survive any number of harsh conditions.

3) Improve Your Lighting
Maximise as much natural light as possible. If you have a room that doesn’t allow for much natural light, try using light fixtures with softer light bulbs to help or use mirrors strategically to help reflect the natural light around the room.

Orange arm chair and orange foot stool with small set of draws with lamp.
A simple colour palette looks great!
4) Declutter & Organise
At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is come back to a messy home, & it can sometimes mean the difference between loving or hating a room. Schedule some time to put away items and get rid of the things you don’t use anymore. Simple but effective!
5) Comfortable & Stylish Furniture
While trendiness is the popular choice for many when it comes to furniture, it is also important to take comfortability into consideration. If you have a comfortable couch you love, but might not be in style, try dressing it up with a couple of throw pillows or a blanket so you can tick both boxes.
three images. Small cactus in a pot. White window frame. Lounge with blue walls and a gold chair.
Add some style to your home

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