Month: January 2021

5 Awesome Reasons to Start Your Backyard Makeover

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home
    Did you know that digging in and putting a little effort into your backyard (depending on initial price and value of landscaping) can boost your property’s value by 5-20%?
  2. Attract Potential Buyers
    A well-kept garden can play a huge factor in attracting prospective buyers. Real estate agent David Eastway has found that “landscaping has an emotional feel for a buyer. A nice manicured garden can make a great impression.”
  3. Prevent Soil Erosion
    An unkempt garden can lead to a loss of soil in waterways. The most natural way to control erosion is to plant vegetation. A landscape with plants can build root systems that sustain the soil to prevent erosion.
  4. Prevent Local Flooding
    Water runoff caused by rain can cause local flooding, this can be stabilized by a plant buffer zone. Green buffer zones are comprised of different plant species such as trees, grasses and wildflowers that glamorize your landscape area throughout the seasons.
  5. Create a Beautiful and Healthy Environment
    Enjoy the time you spend working on your backyard oasis. Gardening activities are known to reduce depression and stress whilst increasing concentration and productivity. Your beautifully landscaped garden can be a sanctuary for relaxing and de-stressing as well as getting together with family and friends.
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Some Handy Tips to Prepare Your House for Selling

Not being a real estate agency, Bookabin obviously can’t give you tips on how to sell your house, but we are very experienced in our field of skip bin hire, we can certainly help with some hints on how to prepare your house for selling. As most real estate agents will advise, so do the Bookabin crew; you need to clear out all that personal junk you have been hoarding (yes, hoarding) for years to have your house looking clean and shiny to attract buyers.

The first step you should take before you even start to throw out stuff is to book your skip bin well in advance, which means you then have plenty of time to consider what is going to go in the space provided, and then get cracking on this important part of your preparation.

Bookabin’s next piece of advice is, “don’t leave the collection date until the day before the auction”. This may look like an obvious exhortation, but you would be surprised at how many auctions, unfortunately, have to take place with that great big skip bin standing in the driveway – not a good look we would all agree.

Finally, despite all our best intentions, skip collections sometimes get missed or delayed. We have, over the years, experienced trucks breaking down, traffic congestion and now COVID-19 travel restrictions, and plain old human error.

Don’t forget that Bookabin is here for all your clean-up, home renovation or construction waste disposal needs. We will have a local skip company that can provide the service you need at the most competitive prices anywhere in Australia, so for more information on skip bin hire, skip bin hire NSW and skip bin sizes please go to our website.

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