Essential Guide to Construction Waste Management

Construction waste management is a crucial aspect of modern construction work, with the construction industry being one of the largest waste-producing industries. Dumping construction materials in landfills means that, as well as not being recovered for further use, it is hugely detrimental to the environment. In an age where more and more companies are going green, the construction industry needs to follow suit.

The great news is that opportunities to minimise construction waste exist at all stages of your project. The key is to minimise the amount of waste generated and that as much of it possible is reused or recovered. In this blog post, we go over some tips to minimise construction waste.


How to Minimise and Manage Construction Waste

Ordering and obtaining materials

  • Order the correct amount of material
  • Plan for delivery as required to minimise storage time on site
  • Confirm dimensions before ordering materials/components
  • Check all inwards goods against materials collected
  • Use prefabricated materials and components where possible

Storage and use of materials

  • Store materials so they are protected from the weather and potential damage
  • Confirm measurements before cutting or fabrication
  • Use recycled aggregate for concrete
  • Use recycled steel for reinforcement
  • Return unused materials to the supplier as soon as possible – don’t let them sit on site

Reduce the amount of waste

  • Choose low waste packaging, e.g., gib adhesive in sausages rather than tubes
  • Reuse offcuts, e.g., of gib, timber
  • Use hard wastes such as concrete tiles as fill for paved areas
  • Don’t forget liquid wastes, e.g., plaster and paint, wash up

Before construction starts

  • Ensure all subcontractors are aware of your recycling policies and requirements

Minimise Construction Waste with Bookabin

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