Time-Saving Home Gardening Tips for Busy Gardeners

Do you want to see your home garden flourish but just don’t have enough time? Today we go through the best home gardening tips for busy gardeners that will hopefully save a few extra hours that you could otherwise be spending enjoying your outdoor space. This includes getting your garden waste removal sorted out with a bin hire. So read on and check out our Green Garden Waste Guide.

Home gardener digging soil with a spade

1. Mass Planting

Find hardy foundation shrubs or ground covers you really like & plant them in large masses, repeating each mass plant in at least 3 different areas. This will not only provide a strong visual aesthetic, foundation, and flow to your garden, but they’re also typically low maintenance. This will mean you spend less time working in your garden and more time enjoying it!

2. Compost to Give Your Soil Superpowers

By dressing your beds with a heavy (8cm) layer of compost every spring, you can suffocate weeds and give existing plants a boost. This will provide a rich base of soil for annuals and new plantings and keep weeding duties to a minimum, meaning your plants will be healthier and ultimately require less work in the long run.

3. Weed Wisely

Does weeding make your backache? A great home gardening tip is to weed when your soil is moist — it makes the job easier and quicker. Also, aim to catch those weeds when they are small, so they are easier to pull as they haven’t established a strong root system yet. It is worth also getting your skip bin hire sorted ahead of time, so you have an easy place to put the green waste.

4. Water Less Often & For Longer Periods of Time

A deep soaking once a week is better for your plants than frequent shallow drinks. Thorough soakings encourage deep roots, which means you’ll water less as the summer wears on due to the plants being able to draw water from deeper down, leaving you more time to spend enjoying your garden.

5. Use Mulch

Mulch not only instantly decorates a garden but also conserves moisture, suppresses weeds, and insulates the soil. One application in spring is all you need. As it breaks down, this annual layer of mulch will also reduce the number of amendments and fertilizer you’ll need to add to your soil, saving you time.

6. Grow Plants with Similar Requirements Together

Arrange plants in the same location according to whether they require full sun or shade, as well as those that require moist soil or low watering needs. This will not only help your garden flourish, but it will also provide more order and ease in figuring out what parts of the garden need to be attended to, which will save you a bunch of time in planning.

7. Let Your Crops Self-Seed

Growing self-seeding plants will not only save you a few bucks, but it also means you don’t need to buy seeds every year since they reoccur annually, saving you time and money overall. However, choose self-seeding plants carefully as some species are very invasive.

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With these home gardening tips, you will have your garden flourishing without stress or excess fatigue. To help further, we have Green Garden Waste bins, green bins, and garbage bins for any landscaping projects you may undergo. Get an instant quote and book your skip bin with BookaBin today.

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